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The Bankruptcy Administrator

The Bankruptcy Administrator is an officer of the judiciary serving in the States of North Carolina and Alabama (in all other states the function of the Bankruptcy Administrator is the responsibility of the United States Trustee, an officer of the Justice Department). The Bankruptcy Administrator supervises may aspects of the Bankruptcy Case, including Trustees, the Estates, Fee Applications. After 2005 the Bankruptcy Administrator’s office has primary responsibility in chapter 7 cases to review the Bankruptcy Filing to make certain the filing is not an abuse of the bankruptcy system by carefully reviewing and verifying the financial information submitted to the Court by the Debtor and determining if the Debtor has sufficient income to pay his or her debts. If that determination is made, the Bankruptcy Administrator will file a motion to dismiss the chapter 7. Debtors faced with a motion to dismiss in this circumstance may consider converting to a chapter 13 case.